Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year.

New Year comes again. Welcome 2009 Goodbye 2008. 2008 are one year full with colours and surprises.

  • Celebrated New Year for the first time ever.haha.
  • Met Zul, Zatie's bf. :)
  • Went to Bangkok.
  • Be friend with Fazren Rafi.
  • Went to Jom Heboh for the first time in Malacca.
  • Join the work environtment. (internship)
  • Joined RA (RandomActs) activities.
  • Closer with Syuhada and Ain the mingle. :P 
  • Drive my Wira car.
  • Break up with my bf but still remain close friends. Closer then we have ever been when we are bf/gf.
  • Knew a guy named Noramin/Bean but then he ran away from me.I just hate him with so may reasons.
  • The most Palat raya ever.haha.
  • Met Syahrul, Dayan's bf. :)
  • Closer with Erry and Akmal and Kak Ayu Raudhah.
  • Acted in Sutera Maya.haha.
  • Being interviewed with Standard Chartered.
  • Went to Langkawi back since 2004.
  • Met with The Loaf and fall in love with that bakery since then.
  • Be friend with Irfan Roslan.
  • Many more..

  • Work.
  • Pass my Project 2.Damn.
  • Konvo in August.
  • XPERIA X1 handphone.
  • Langkawi holidays with friends.
  • Have my own room.
  • Expend my cupcake sales. (New oven, new mixture and etc.)
  • New car. (from my dad hopefully :P )
  • Just be who i am.
  • And many more to come~ InsyaAllah.


  1. emm slmt tahun baru 2009..
    u ade wat biznes cupcake ker?
    semoge berjaya dgn bidng yg diceburi..ok..

  2. hey.
    selamat tahun baru jugak :D

    haah.tapi kecil kecilan je.ehe. too~

  3. emm nice job..
    org kate kire samalah dgn kf yg tulis kat komen u nie kan.
    "kecil2 itu langkah pertama untuk menjadi yg besar"


  4. arrrrrrr lupe nk bagitau diyana kan kena tagged dgn kf..jgn lupeyer siapkan..ok..dh bye2..

  5. haha.still tak bleh hilang nama ain tu.suke btol. :D
    dah lama tak mingle.isk.


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