Friday, January 30, 2009

The Role Goes To...

I am still waiting for my training result.Argh.But some says patience is gold.I believe them. :) This week,someone told me that there are 3 of em, training for that position.Ugh.My posibilities will be low..lower then the LG level or even the parking level at Pavillion i guess.I have the reason why for feeling that way tho.Haiya....Why ar?Why??Why is this always happening to me?Hurm.

That job,the one that i wanted so badly.But i guess im not going to get it lah.Can someone help me?I need some motivation.haha.since when?lol.Really..I need it.aha.


  1. I always pray for you... Don't worry to much, kalau memang ada rezeki kat situ, memang dapat...

  2. Thanks.
    tapi masalahnya,training this week kawan Fawwaz.
    so,rasa's impossible nak dapat. :)
    Kawan dia ada 2 laki,sorang pmpuan.

  3. don't worry dee. insyaAllah dapat. kalau kawan dia dapat, tak tau nak cakap apa.. nampak sgt kot.. hehe
    anyway, i'll pray for ya too!

  4. alamak salah logged in account laa.. haha.. ni syu tau!

  5. hehe..syu..thanks!! :D
    itulah..kalau kawan dia dapat..mmg la tak adil sgt2.. :(

  6. watever job u applied for..may da post be urs..")byk org increase 20percent..tadaaa~~...

  7. hehe.thanks iman~ :)
    Thanks all for praying for me.
    kalau dapat the job..I will personally add rm5 in ur bank account.hehe.

  8. rily?fuHH!!already jampi..")..absolutely dat post will b urs...")
    **rm5 k?heheheheeheheh

  9. hehe iman.Thanks!
    I hope i get it.
    can't wait for the result tho.
    sakit hati je tunggu lama but then if tak dapat lagi la parah~


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