Thursday, February 26, 2009


Actually i have nothing to jot down here but i have nothing to do as well.Can't think about FYP right now.Argh.This saturday and sunday i have loadsa work to do.not basically work work, i have to travel quite a lot.This saturday my lecturer, Sir T.J asked me and Denel follow him for his engagement ceremony in Jempol.and on the same day i have a wedding to attend as well.Hurm..i still can't make my decision yet.the wedding is at Taman Midah in Cheras.It's a friend's little sis who is the bride.I want to go both but there are time and money constrains.

Why money?Because the very next day i want to go to Jom Heboh.Ambush them!Muahahahaha~ Just wanna meet the new roverz and see his way of handling people.*naughty* I also want to be there because my brother will be there too.of course he'll be there starting Saturday.I hope we could make it for all but still sacrifices need to be done.Hmm..

We'll see~ :)


  1. on saturday, u have a date with me..
    pls take note yaaa~

  2. ke sayangku?
    tak kasitau pun~~~

  3. hishhh..
    baru ingat nak bawa jalan2 this weekend..
    takpe laaaa... :(


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