Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Cars's safe with me :)

Orighty then to all who actually read my will know that i've had an accident last Friday.but im alright inside and out but not my car and also my friend's money.Sorry again Dayan.I'll pay u oright :) Thanks for everything,girl!

So,today the car is safe with me!Yay!Thanks to Denel for actually help me and my dad repairing this car.He send my car to a workshop near his house which is kinda far from me.In Serdang.He know's that guy so he could have less RM for me to pay.

Thanks to all who have helped!I will repay soon..very soon!

P/S:Mastura!!!!!Kau dah nak g Aussie dah!!Rindu la aku kat kau wehhh...waaaaaa~~~~~~~~
Have a safe and nice trip.Welcome home to Aussie :P

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