Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cucu tok :)

In the most unwell and sickness,my tok recieved 2 new grandsons and one granddaughter!hehe..all of them were born last year,very near to each other.the first one would be Aliya,Acu's 5th daughter followed by Ehsan,Mak Ndak's first son and the last one would be Idris,Mak Uda's 6th child.

I only managed to get Ehsan's picture.He's damn cute and he loves to talk.a lot.I mean A LOT.haha.everytime his mouth were just mumbling and mumbling.and not to forget hie eyesbrow will always 'berkerut'.haha.he looks so cute like upin ipin! :P lol..

He's Pak Ndak heart and soul.I never seen Pak Ndak like this before.hehe.


  1. lol..geramnye tgk the 2nd pic..xde gigi lagi pulak..lg buat aku geram..T.T

  2. Your tok is blessed to see another two grandchildren before his eyes.

    Semoga your tok panjang umur dan melihat lebih ramai cucu lagi.

  3. hehe yana.tu la aku geram gile tgk ehsan ni!!!!haha..tak pernah aku segeram ni tgk budak2.dia macam org tua..cakap banyak..kening berkerut2..ish2.mcm tgh pk masalah dunia.haha..baru 3 bulan ni..

    drSam..thanks!I hope so my tok's fine in health and wealth. :)


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