Friday, February 6, 2009

Faizal Tahir.

So okay now im a fan of this dude.Isk.How come?His songs were great!I have his full album (Dont ask me if it's original or i just download it,ok) and all of the songs were great!But is it because i've heard the songs on radio?I dont think so.I think he has a great selected songs.He's good in choosing good songs.Im not a big fan of him,i mean the man Faizal Tahir.I just love his songs.that's all.haha.

But at AJL he's good.he performs well and sang live very well.I salute him for that.Other than that,i dont want to know he's birthdate or what so ever because i am not in love with him.I am in love with his songs only :)

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