Sunday, February 15, 2009


Me and my family rushed went back to our hometown in Penang last Friday morning.I was being wokeup by my mum at around 7am.we rushed at about 8am and arrived at Penang around 11.30am.Went to Sg.Batu first then head back to town to see tok.She's at Hospital Besar Pulau Pinang, the most hard-to-find-parking hospital in town.

Tok was admitted at ward C6.Duh that is lame and old and kinda creepy.She has diabetic.Her sugar level is very high when she was being admitted.Her foot's hurt and somesay she might loose her foot.I dont want her to actually fall this sick.I love her so much.She's so polite and soft spoken.

Among of the aunts and uncles went to see tok are Achik and family,Pak Teh and family,Me and family,Mak Long and family,Pak Tam and family,Mek Keling,Mak Lang,Pak Njang and family,Pak Ndak and family,Acu and family.Can u just imagine how FULL the hospital are on that day????? :)

Well..all you can do is just..IMAGINE :)


  1. i hope so everything is fine. :)

    skang?erm.akk pun tak tau kata nak masuk hospital lagi satu tapi ada anak tok tak bagi plak.
    lantak korang la.aku tak tau.haha


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