Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy *hope so*

Suddenly this week im feeling down and more emonism.maybe because my friend is already working and i am still not.thinking bout that makes me mood depends on what my mind is thinking and on what kind of topics we are discussing.

Right now i just want to talk about things like my FYP,my fave cars,things that will never be achieveable.because if i talk about things that could be achieved,my mind will wary to other topics like jobs,clothes,money,handphone,gadgets and that could ruined my mood.

but came of thinking about it,i feel lucky because im still young *22 still young right :P* and there are loads more things that i still have to settle down my FYP.other things like,hanging out with my besties,ronda-ronda,lepak-lepak and all that.I am so lucky that i still could do that at the age of 22.feel pity to those yang can't do that anymore.pity you.Boo Yah!

Im trying to find a job *it is not that im not actually trying*.but the job that suits me.maybe i'll be venturing into acting stuff.or i'll be studying for another 2 1/2 years,doing Diploma in Media Studies in MiiM and then working with TV stations.That's my goal so far. *Im still in shock because of me still wanting to study.haha* Doing what i love the most is my goal.Show to the people who dumped me,who let me go and who is successful then me.I am a competitive person. :)

So,i want to enjoy my life!!!!!!Life is meant to be enjoyable.not struggling even more.Cheers~


  1. ko tak bangga ke jadi cam aku?

  2. aku nak bagi kau sorang je jadi macam kau.baru aku bangga.aku tanak ove shadow kau sayangku~


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