Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Im typing this while..

Im typing this while im listening to PGL soundtrack given by mastura and at the same time watching my friend's graduate pictures.Sometimes,when i have my own time i regreted taking graphics as my main course because i am not a very creative person.and at times, when i think i could actually only go for college and learn something easy that involves food and drinks im am thankful that i actually went to uniten.Yeah.

because from uniten i knew mastura.she's nice and i never regreted knowing her.from uniten i knew more good friends that i might not get if i go study somewhere else.these friends include denel,yen,ed,yana,syu,ain,along,nia,rika,qila,yennie and more.and from each of them,i knew more new friends.from mastura i knew fau,kat,intan,azim,anaz..from denel i knew bear,mikey,kinah..From ed i knew her sister fiez which is the coolest girl ever! from syu i knew ain.hehe and of course the RA people.without syu asking me to actually participate in this RA activities, i wouldn't have known that actually COOL people do exsists!From along,i knew toru,anny,nik,adrin,stepet and yeah..amin bean.oh yeah..i have another friend that i knew when i was in uniten.this was actually a not plan friend..thru myspace. :) through that web, i knew big brother.and from him i knew shezz.another big brother to me.and from erry himself, i knew akmal..his PA and coincidently i know fazren rafi all of them related.Erry -> Fazren -> MyTV3.and now..from MyTV3 i knew Hairi,Fawwaz,Rina and Bard at first.Then,Fawwaz introduce me to Kak Nani,Illa,Hamdi,Fesal and Santok.Yeah..another girl i knew from Erry...which is Shera which is MyTV3 people too.

Now back to uniten,i knew Aibob Forum.from there, I knew people like Poreh,grimtooth,afiq,kak long mis sha,mijie,ucop,cruxidex,ina,rekrazie,latios ombak and many more to list down!!This is the best UG forum ever in my life and i am so happy to actually personally be part of this group!

Now i did not regret me being a uniten student.Because not only i have the education i also have my friends which is with me now.It is not a big deal for me not actually finish my FYP yet but i will finish it by this semester!!

To all my FYPs friends...Ganbate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. waahhh banyak nye related. tu la kan kalo bkn syu, xdelah dee kenal ain the mingle. hehe. sori ain.... heh

  2. hahaha...its ok..dh lame x mingle2..

  3. haha...btol tu syu...kalau tak sengih2 je la~ :D
    malu2 kucing..hehe


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