Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Job.work etc..

Choosing the right and perfect job is not that easy.It depends on how you want your life to be at the end.If you accidently choosed the one that would make a disaster for you,you have to face the consequences later.

What are you looking for in a job?The payment?The work place?The job itself?The time you have to go to work?Or is it simply the passion that you have towards that work?

For me..I will absolutely choose the job that i love to do.Not just simply a job that i was forced to do and i hate it.I dont mind at all,working in a boutique because i love clothes.As long as im happy with my job.And of course,the time as well.9am-6-pm is good for me.Or like roverz 12pm-10pm.but not 3pm-12am.What kinda work is that?My mum will surely never let me go to work on that time.The payment,I dont care too but at least my equivalent with the work im carrying.

You have to make a decision.You have to choose.Life of money?I choose life instead because money,we could find it anywhere.but life?I only have one life eveytime.One childhood life,one school life,one teen life,one youth life,one adult life..All of them is just one time only.I know it may sound stupid but if you think deeply then it will seems true. 

Choose your work before your work choosed you. :)


  1. Totally agree with you babe!! hehe.


  2. yeah!thanks for agreeing!!
    I totally need that. :)


  3. kauuuu..
    macm tak respect aku jeeee..
    3pm-12am... hmm.. cam time aku keje dulu je..
    what kind of work is that????

  4. aih?
    fes time kau comment aku nie.
    tu ah..
    kau kerja pe wehhhhh 3pm-12pm...
    gile pe payah siot nak lepak2 dgn kau time tu kan kan kan kan????

  5. tau takpe..
    aku sanggup buat account semata mata nak comment ko..
    sweet tak? hehe

  6. aww....sho shweet~~~~
    shayang dia~~~
    hehe.. :)


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