Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Still here..

Im still here.Argh.But now my life changes a bit.I can drive now.hehe.but if i want to go out late at night,still can't.i still need someone to come and fetch me.uhu.segan nye la. :) but wait untill i have my pass to go out untill late at night then i will treat all my friends who have been great to me!The one who come and fetch me at home and brings me out.I will pay all of your kindness.

I miss Mastura by the way.Have to contact her real soon.Before i actually have my real job.Still waiting for the call here.hurm.Sigh..I hope i get the job.I know you guys dah bosan dengar.especially denel.haha.Sorry..but untill i did not get the notification,I will start blabbering about THE job.hehe.I hope you dont mind.Sorry for bother you guys. :)

Anyways,have a nice day.If you see Suria Wheels people,Kejar lah derang.Ada hadiah menarik tau.And if you see Hot FM Viva Zoomerz pun kejar lah.Ada album Dato' Siti untuk dimenangi.Alah,stakat main game satu dua tak kan la segan kot kan?So, ape lagi.Kejar cepat!
Satu lagi,kalau nampak MyTV3 Roverz punye keta..kejar la jugak.Ada banyak hadiah menarik jugak tu.Kalau nak tau..kena la kejar. :P Tgk kat website derang slalu.

Klik sini untuk-> 

Well..Have a nice week.Oh ya to denel, Good Luck in your two job interviews today!!Gambate mate! <3


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