Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today i had an excident.Real one.With a motorist.But i am so calm at controling the situation.I have no idea who's fault is it.But i dont think so it is mine.hehe. :P It is ok.It is not that i have phobias or anything but i am absolutely not going to drive on that road again ever.I hate that place and i dont want to go ever again.

I want to thank my best friend for helping me all the way untill danial took over.Thanks weh.Aku hutang ko.Thanks for everything.I mean, everything!Aku bayar nanti weh.Don worry. :)

Danial, thanks for driving keanu back to serdang.I know you have work to do so im appologizing right now for disturbing your work life.

For all, the picture i will post it out later.Btw, my car is not that teruk lah.just some bruises here and there that's all.I have made a police report and now at least im free.

But,the most important thing is that im so calm..very calm in controling the situation.I have no idea i could do that.I am so amazed by that and i am also thankful for that.

Thanks God im alive. :)


  1. I remember times we had accident with the Mercedes Benz, that time also you were very calm, and that's you! Hehe!! Great!!

    BTW, Don't worry too much okay??

  2. hehe.
    im grounded from driving starting today :)


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