Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I have no idea why i am addicted watching this is not because of the presenter has the same face as one of my best friend,i think the topic and the personality of the presenter is quite cool~ 
I love the interaction between the presenter and audience in the studio and also at home.Yes,at home.How do he interact with the people at home?by taking phonecalls during the show and also by the website that he has and will be updated weekly.

Each week,he will choose one interesting topic and discuss it along with guests that he'll be having in the studio.Not like some serious discussion such as oprah or even something like MHI, ALLY is a show that is full with humor and at the same time,the message is being sent.That is why i think,he attracts youth to watch his show.Each week,there will be some students from university in Malaysia being the spectators in the studio. (As i am typing right now,UiTM Shah Alam students are the one being choosen to be the spectators inside the studio)

Apart from having discussions,ALLY also has some humor videos and interviews along.This is the new way of educating people or more so,youth.because when he opens up a topic,youth will try to find information about it and tend to answer inside his blog.Yes,he has a blog for this show and he will try to find the best comments inside the topic and say it out inside the show.

Want to know more about this ALLY show, click here -> ALLY

Tahniah Ally Iskandar!


  1. he is one of the coolest, and composed TV personalities ever. Many artistes tend to lose their cool when gossips occur. ehem *jue anak pontianak* ehem. How disgraceful

  2. ehem ehem jue.hehe.yup.true.i like his style.and he has this very cool and calm persona. :)


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