Wednesday, March 4, 2009


People can be deceiving and so annoying.Imagine that the one that you trusted,falls you down.I have to stay away from those i know who is my friend and foe.i dont have any friends,just foe since..forever.and yeah,stalker friend stalks do he stalks me,i dont want to talk about it here but yeah he does.and i just hate him more because of that.
Just dont appologize to me anymore.i dont want anything from you ever again.i hate when people lie to least,i have never lied to anybody.i never lie to my friends.i never be two faces.i am me.but now i think i have secrets from all the channels that i could ask for.
you are just seeking for some attention.why dont you just go for your friends instead of mine?you want me and my friends to battle with each other is it?let us hate each other even are such a ruiner.i think i dont need you,i can't tell secrets to my friends anymore and know what,im not going to trust anybody ever again.full stop.
you want to see me being MEAN,hell yeah you got it dude.try me.ask me anything.i wont tell you more.i dont trust you guys anymore ever again.
fuck you very much!


  1. rileks la beb..
    jgn begini..
    manusia.. biasa la..
    u have to get use of it..
    life must go on..
    hahaha.. entah ape2 aku ngarut nih..
    takleh tido.. skang kol 3.38am.. arghhhh~

  2. haha.
    aku tgk rilex la ni.erk. :P
    haha.nape kau tak bleh tido weh??
    meh aku popok.hahaha


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