Friday, March 6, 2009

Bored with life.Need to die immedietely.

I am bored with my life right now.So damn bored untill i try to find my way to die.Life has never go my way and i hate it.Why must be me?Haih.

Anyone,suggest to me the simplest way to die?besides killing my own self.I just can't stand anymore.This is the slow way of me dying and it is killing me slowly.I want it to be fast as me blinking my eyes.

Please God,take me to You.


  1. har3.period XD. kak~ try seal sume lubang udara n psg gas. ud b in a deep slumber.tau2 je da kiok.xsakit.bes x?xpun serah diri kat jigsaw.wakakakakak.wuh.serams

  2. not in my period days period days are next week.
    alrighty then.will try to. ;)


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