Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Further studies?

My dad told me to further my studies,doing masters.Erk.I have no idea why he said that.So,after that i did some research on some of the university that i MIGHT want to further my studies too.I looked into Lim Kok Wing website.Yes they do have Master courses.I eyed on this one Master course that i think i might want to venture into, MA of Communication.Same like if i want to study in MiiM,taking Dip in Media Studies,it is more like it.

So,now.I have two option.MiiM which is the cheapest or Lim Kok Wing which is extra expensive!hurm~ have to discuss it with my dad more.hehe


  1. erk...haha.kena tanya apa dulu.tapi dia suh sambung master...
    sebab dia kata mintak kerja tapi tak dapat2.

  2. uniten tak nak lah.hehe.sebab tak de course yang best :D

  3. amek la kos ee lak.. wekkk.. haha.. leh sekelas pasni.. lol


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