Monday, March 2, 2009

Jom Heboh Melaka 2009

Semalam me and my friend went to KJH in Melaka.We went there just to accompany my big brother yang keseorangan.He has to handled the MyTV3 booth.When i arrived,he was there trying to get people to play games with him.He was on stage with Shera.I saw Fawwaz at first (the main thing i went there too was to take a peek at the new Roverz member as but he did not see me at that time.So,me and danial decide to buy us some foods and drinks.

After we went to buy food and drinks,we went back to MyTV3 booth and there we sat at the chairs outside the booth.It was not that hot tho.I saw Shera,trying to eat her burger she bought at the stall behind.Danial managed to get the picture of her and her lovely burger.haha.Then,amer and man came along.Oh lama gile tak jumpe mereka ini!!!!!

My brother has to be at the MyTV3 booth untill maghrib.usually they will ask the artists to be at their booth untill 6pm only but since this is the first KJH for this year 2009,they changed the rules.KJH starts at 10am untill 8pm.Oh penat gila!

After all has setteled,we went to pokok ceri (which is the kafe for KJH staffs) and eat and danial did not have our dinner there.we just take some drinks. *segan nak makan kat sana,bukan staf pun*.Then my brother cakap nak g amik payment kat kabin beside the kafe.

We went to my brother's room at MITC hotel.At first i thought he was sleeping alone.then came this guy..he was the new guy for roverz.i did not remember his name.i dont want to.haha *rivals*.We stayed in the room for hours and then decided to leave and have our dinner outside.

After the dinner,we went our own separate ways....

My total rate for KJH in Melaka was...kinda disaster.Boring and not that much people and the way they arranged the stalls,sucks.I also think that maybe they did not have that much sponsors too.Sikit sangat gerai nye...Hope for the best for KJH through this year.

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