Monday, March 16, 2009

Life so far~

Hi life has been sucky so far.Haih.Been busy learning flash in order to do my FYP  (before this im using Authorware to build up my comic book but i thought flash is more beautiful and clean looking).Learning flash for nearly 1 week now.and i know a little bit here and there already. (hey,im a fast learner afterall.haha) My first day learning flash,i already know how to do some cool animations for buttons.not the usual colour changing ones okay. ;) it is more complicated ones,need to used ActionScript 3.0.Oh yes im using Adobe Flash 4.0.The Latest ones.I love it!It is kinda easy to use.hehe.Like other Adobe stuff.hehe.

I need to let myself free from this FYP as soon as possible.And then im going to MiiM,insyaAllah if my mum and dad agree. :)

Oh ya,i have no idea that Arsenal has some cute footballers.hehe.Nasri and that curly hair Vela. :P I love Arsenal because they has some young,cute and talented footballers.LOL.

Carlos Vela

Samir Nasri


  1. emm arsenal lah sgt ko tu dhiyana..

  2. Ada satu gambar Arshavin tu comel jgk la muka dia walaupun macam pelik skit bile tenung

  3. Laa... Gitu pn boleh... Arshavin mmg power!

  4. all the best making animations. syu pun dh pening ngn coding2 php ni. haha

  5. syu.seriously..pening!Argh! XXXXX

    sury,tak bangga pun.saje nak berkongsi maklumat. ;)

  6. Yum Yum.
    tak pe.
    as long as we are not like MU or Chelsea fans yang suke sangat EMO. :)


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