Monday, March 23, 2009

Me,Myself and Taik

This story is about me,myself and Taik.Taik is a friend of mine.He's not alive.He's dead meat.He's fluffy and black.He has two eyes and only that.He sleeps with me everyday.

Yes,I love my Taik till death.Because he's my pain killer *apart from my friends of course* .He does not have to do anything.He just made me laugh even with his stiff expression.Oh yes,he just have one facial expression.and it will be remain that one forever.

I bought Taik last year.At Sunway Pyramid haha using my internship allowance.haha.Forget the price *it is a bit pricey for something like that* and despite the price,I love Taik until eternity. :)


  1. WTH.why taik?why?pesal tak john ke mariapan?

  2. sebab dia macam taik.haha.
    bulat dan hitam.
    tapi wangi okeh~

  3. nak taik satu!

    pushh.. pushh... :D

  4. taik tu still bulat or dah leper?

  5. teri tak bleh!!nak g bli sendri.hehe.tapi dah tak de jual dah.

    Syu..bulat je.hehe..tak leper lagi. :D

  6. tuan dia pon da bulat gak.. koakaokao


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