Monday, March 2, 2009

Sir T.J's engagement day and Diana's little sister wedding.

It was Saturday morning..I was waiting for denel to come and pick me up.He arrived at around 10am and then we off straight to Sir's house at Kajang.When we arrived,Sir's family members has already gathered and had their food and drinks.We were the last one to arrived.Sorry sir..hehe..

Then,the time has come.There were around 7 cars altogether.From different types.hehe..then we were given a map to kak ila's house.We convoyed untill we entered the highway.from there,everyone's driving their own style.haha..but we all had agreed to meet at Senawang tol.

The trip to kak ila's house took us around 3 hours.It was so far but the scenery is quite pleasent.Kawasan la.hehe..We stoped at a mosque near bandar seri jempol and have a Zohor prayer there.Then from there it was only 15mins away to kak ila's house.

We arrived around 3pm.I have no idea wether we are late or not.When we arrived,kak ila's mom greet us.The hantaran are being placed at the beranda of the house and later we all went for our lunch.ehe.Yummy.i love kampung cooking!Pineapple pajeri!Sedap gile!One of my fave!

Then,the discussion begins...discussion about the wedding date and so on.Kak ila accpeted Sir's 'lamaran'~ hehe..cheewah~ the ceremony lasts for about an hour!It was that long the discussion has been made.

After all the discussion has done,the date has been choosen and the hantaran dah pun di balas...we all went back to KL but seperate ways.I have to go to my PLKN friend's house because her sister wedding was actually on the same day.because i did not make it to the wedding,i told diana (that's her name) that i could come to her house instead.So,i went to her house,met with her sister and then went back home.I was just there for half an hour because she seems to tired after a long day! :)

I will be uploading the pictures later. :)

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