Friday, March 27, 2009


Have you played Tamiya before?It is a small race car that you have to assemble on your own.It even has its own track and my neighbour used to have one.Now i have no idea where the track has gone.LOL.

I have my first Tamiya from my dad.He bought that Tamiya oversees.China maybe.And then my next two Tamiya my dad bought at Taman Bukit Maluri's famous photostat shop,Yu Li.hehe.I am so happy to have actually played Tamiya.Not most of the kids,girls especially likes to play Tamiya.I think my dad wants to teach me engineering things starting when i was little.Yes i do love Tamiya,assemble it and disassemble it.Change the engine (i bet red engine is the most powerful right?.I have no idea lah.Dah lama.Forgot everything), the tyres,modify my Tamiya cars.Lovin it! :)

Oh how fast i grow up.I dont even own a single Barbie Doll for Godsake.I hate Barbie doll pun.haha.Im more into puzzles mind boggling thingy.

Yonkuro.I love this one. :D


  1. ouh super emperor tue. dash yonkuro nye. hee.

    incek liquid pon sangat minat tamiya dulu. tak sangka ea ade gurl jgk yg minat.!! hee.

    waa tersimpan rapi lg ek kreta2 tuh. bgus2. sy pny entah kmana ntah. eheh

  2. My Fav..Igt tyme darjah 1 n 2:P

  3. liquid..super emperor tu lah yang paling disayangi skali.keta dia hot! :P

    Ala,kalau tak dah bleh race sama2 kat trak kat the :P

  4. gua nak beli super emperor lu,anfaal!brape?cakap aja regenya.gua sanggup trade in ngan gua punya brocken-gigant black special.amacam?

  5. Tanak!!!!!Tanak!!!
    No trade trade

  6. wahh anfaal, nice hobby! :)
    siap ngan kotak simpan keter mini tu still wujud.. tray atas dia mana? sure penoh ngan spare parts rite, he he..

    i have all those 3 cars yg u post, n guess what, i also got kelima-lima keter team dash yonkuro tu.. ;D

    adeh, terkenang kembali zaman muda2.. ;(

  7. Hehe rui.the atas tu ada..cuma tak nak lah post.hehe.. :) ada gears and ape je tak e lah penoh

    really u ada all three of 'em?Wah..boleh geng ni.hehe

    Yeah,i pun terkenang zaman main Tamiya fast i membesar.haha :P


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