Thursday, April 23, 2009

Been Busy..

I've been busy lately.With all the rapid changes in me.Yes.I changed.I think everybody change too.Very rapidly.I have no idea why tho.Maybe we have to change in order to grow up and be more mature then our own self past.That's my own perception.

And people who are angry with changes,maybe their changes are not that big or impact enough.I have met with those people.And I pity them.They dont want to change,perhaps.They just let their mind to be them.They do not want to improve themself to be better.But changes will never always be the good one.Sometime,it could be something bad too.But not always people will learn by just doing good things.They need to have the bad ones as well.For me,learning involves us doing something bad first and then we slowly change the bad into good.That is learning.Changing is learning,for me.I dont know yours.Do share with me how do you think learning takes place. :)

I love to change.but my personality will never change.maybe my appeareance,attitude and all that but my heart and soul will never.I will still be the same old grumpy (as Amin said to me,im grumpy) me. :)

Do not afraid of changes.Be prepared for it.Never back down when you have the opportunity to change.It is good eventhough you change to something not nice.It's ok.It's the learning process.
I'll be behind you if you are so damn gay afraid of changing. :)

Till then,adios!


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