Thursday, April 9, 2009


I've changed.and so does this blog.i know it is a bit messy.but i like why should i care.know what,my life has been great so far. (yeah right~ great~hurm) thanks to my pain killer cupcakes *zati and dayan* for being there for me even if it's just for some time only.after this we could meetup again lah.yesterday was so short kan?ish~ 

Trust people?Now i have some problems with that.before this i used to trust anybody who is my now i dont think so i could do that anymore.and thank you to this one guy,you've changed my perception of trusting.oh ya.i dont trust you too, 'that guy'.

Know what,it is hard when you dont have your private life with you.first,your mum takes it away from you.and then now,your friend.a friend that you trust the most *before that thing happens* take your privacy life do you feel when that happens?like shit and trying to avoide that friend right?and that is what im trying to do.

Time will tell. Love ya all!

Dayan, my painkiller. ;)

Zatie, my painkiller too. ;)


  1. well,people do change over the time.

  2. i am so unpredictable. ;)

    do not trust me.haha

  3. Erk.dee nak buang yang link banner kecik kat atas kiri tu.hehe.tapi tak boleh plak.tak reti.cemane ek syu?


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