Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear A. *you know who you are,pathetic little girl*

A: U know what, i read risa's blog n now i dun kno which one i hate more. Is it her for makin u like dat, or u cuz ure so stupid.D FORGOD SAKE PLEASE PLEASE DUN FOOL YOURSELF ANYMRE. oh btw, im prepared 4 any curse dat u want 2 say 2 me. Cuz i kno damn well ur goin 2 back her up. Im sayin diz bcuz im a fren. Please just LEAVE.

Hello A.I think we've meet again.and for this time.i can see that you are still the one pathetic little girl who hasn't grow up yet.Haha.can u remember the word 'Pathetic' that i said to you from Facebook's message?You told me you are seeing someone and i told ya i know what is going on between you and D?Hurm hurm little girl,you are currently messing with some good people here.Good in the sense of 'I KNOW EVERYTHING' kinda thing.Understand,dolly?Well,i know you hate me but u told me you did not hate me.Oh girl,i know dear.No worries.You dont have to hide that one. ;) and u told me you had nothing,nada feelings for D right?but currently u send some stupid messages to D asking some stupid LOVE questions.Well,there goes your second pathetic word,dear.You are so pathetic.

Oh yes,this is from D. Please understand that eventhough I and D are not together anymore,but D WILL NEVER CHOOSE YOU to be D's partner or what-so-ever FOREVER.understand that dolly?

So,my work here is done i hope so.If there is anything that i could do,just drop by my blog.You can read everything here. ;) 

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