Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fashion Show ;)

I bet everyone wants to come to this fashion show.I know you will love it.haha.especially guys.Why so?It is because Triumph are going to do a fashion show this Friday at New Wing in One Utama.

How do I know?I just know ok.haha.No lah.Just now me went to One Utama with a friend.We were looking at the process of building the runway and places for the fashion show that will be starting this Friday.So,I asked my friend 'Bile fashion show ni nak start?Macam best gile je pentas dia sume.tak bleh skodeng langsung.tak macam euromoda aritu.haha.' Then my friend replied, 'Aku ada nampak aritu dia tulis ada tarikh dia sume.lama jugak aa dia buat macam sminggu macam tu aa'. So I was like,eager to know when,because i've seen fashion show at OU before and it was awesome!It is just like a party down there.and i wanted to see this one as well.

So,me and my friend did some checking on the dates.Surprisingly,the first day is this Friday.and yet another thing that caught my eye is that the fashion wear would be Triumph.Oho. >:) I was kinda shocked.Like how on earth that fashion show will be?haha.is it going to be just inner wear or maybe sleepwear only?hurm.

but then again,i saw there's this one day XIXILI will do a runway project as well.i was like Whoah~ hahaha. *even though im a girl,i do like want to see that show as well.haha.just want to know how it's being done* 

So,who's with me?OU this Friday.10am-10pm ;) it's a date.haha


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