Sunday, April 19, 2009

I am a bad girl.Always.

I just can't believe it.people like you made troublesome to most people out there including me.What you said from your mouth it is different from how you act.And i hate that.yeah,i think you deserve to be treated by that crazy girl Ainn because you did the same to,to me.

At one point,i do love Ainn for treating you like that you know how it feels to be me.Talking shits and then be good again.What the fuck man?and now you dont even wanted to see me and meet me and what so ever,oh okay.i respect that.and remember,i dont ask anything from are the one who wanted to give me like everything you can afford.Oh yeah i know you are working right now and have so many cash.i bet you owe me for that job because i asked you to apply for that job.i asked you to recheck you FYP last sem and you were the one who was always about you,you and YOU.people will always see me as the 'Bad-Girl-Who-is-Trying-to-Ruined-Your-Life'.Oh yeah i did get that all the time.What the fuck?I want to live my life too.I just got my freedom this year and i know you know that.

Oh who cares,people will judge badly at me no matter what i say or what i do.Yeah.because you are the 'Angel' who gives everything to me but i just couldn't give back someting that you want.Yes.i am the bad girl.oh yeah judge me.To those who keep saying that to me,Thank You So Much.

Oh yeah and one thing,do i have to like...tell you EVERYTHING that i did,with whom,where i go and all?because you did not do that to me pun.why should i have to do that?But,why do i NEED to do that??since we broke up and you were just a friend to me.i did mention that a gazillion time though.i thought you were listening but sadly,no.

Oh another thing,why do you have to listen to those people who dosen't know anything?yeah,i dont trust,get you big ass up and go to hell.



  1. let it out cikna.let it out.

    *sorta like a mantra kannn*

    sila dengar killing me inside,kita sama2 layan emo lol.

  2. Tu ah.aku benci orang macam ni yang tah ape2.

    aku takmo denga lagu.nanti lagi sial.haha

  3. let it out bree bree.haha.

    all of sudden im caving tuna sandwich bila baca posting ko nih.haha.

  4. Haha.apesal tuna?chis...hahaha..tak boleh.vegan kan? LOL


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