Friday, April 10, 2009

I ...

I dont know why people misunderstood me for nothing.
Am I that bad?
Do i look like im a bad girl?
Or I have this emotional thingy happening to me that people hate me and then tends to misunderstood me?
Why me?

My hands are shaking and my head is spinning,
My heart is pounding and my lungs stop breathing,
Please let me breathe for a second,darling,
I need more air for me to be alive,
I need more time for me to be me,
I need you to understand what i did told you before,
Is it that hard to understand?
I need a room,a space right now.
I need MY TIME too.
After all those years i've been trembled into,
Now is the time i need to be free,
So please let me be free.

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