Sunday, April 19, 2009


I looked back at my previous years photos.oh how i changed so fast!i mean,the look..the way i dressed up and mostly everything.haha.take a look at it for your self :)

I used to be so dark.even my eyeliner only lasts 2-3 weeks. *murni*

I used to be skinny as well. :) *murni*

Yeah.I remember this.I love this white cute thingy. *alamanda*

I used to be kinda chubby as well. *home*

And I remember I love this picture so much.Up untill now. :) *Ilmu*

Mastura,me and fau :) *im mas's car*

At KLCC park :) *pain killers*

See my black nail.

I miss my hair ni~ :)

Like i said,I used to be skinny.

And kinda daring.haha :P

Oh gawd~ 


  1. I can see ur changes :D
    now mkin stylo :d

  2. o rly?

    tell me you like ninja turtle as much as you like super emperor?

  3. no i dont like ninja turtle at all :)

  4. hey how about..err,chip and dale?ngahaha~

  5. little sis...yang cute mute..heheh always cute okeh...

  6. Amin,aku tengok doremon je.haha

    Fiez~ LOL.mane de cute.haha.isk~

  7. waaaaaaaaa~aku nak balik m'sia
    f&*^k la..x suka la aku kat sini


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