Saturday, April 25, 2009

None of the above

What will you do when you are so damn bored?For me,yeah.I do THIS.blogging.haha.eventho i have no idea what so ever to jot down here.haha.It's Friday already.oh no.It's Saturday already.time pass us so damn fast.and i still have no idea what i did for the past week.Haihs.maybe been busy.

Well,I have been blogging since i know computer and internet.i used to have an account with and from there,i do blogging as well.then after that my old friendster account which the friendster itself deleted.duh.shit.why do they have to delete my account?I do have loadsa stories and memories inside that account.Duh.fuck friendster.

Then,I try to start blogging using xanga.but it didn't work because it's kinda hard to understand,i switched to blogspot.yeah.blogspot is kinda easy to blog.i just need something easy to blog.that's all.because i just wanted to let this feelings out,expressing my feelings.that's all. :) So,i did start to blog using blogspot since last year.I hold up two accounts is not for me tho,it's for someone else.not the 'other' me.please don't misunderstood that. ;) i just can't tell who.

Well,i've been reading about cars lately.from wikipedia and how stuff's works.I love cars.and I wanted to learn more about it.I don't want people to misjudge girls like me don't know about cars that much.just know the labels or the brand only,but not the thing inside the thing.understand me?No.well,it's's engine-near-ring. :P What am i blabbering about.haha.I have no idea.

Know what,I wanted to be a stewardess.but I don't have a clue what so ever how to jump into it.I hope so someone could at least tell me the dates of the interview.perhaps i could go.or...maybe a newscaster will do.I did try to apply using media prima's website but the email that they provide does not work.It will bounce back to me.Duh.Fuck man.Why when I wanted to do things that i really want to do,it will never let me too?Bad luck is it?haha.yeah actually i am a girl that is filled with bad luck.Well,maybe i'm trying VADS a service center.When is my good luck charm will come?Time will tell.

Well,love ya loads. <3

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