Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parents day out i woke up at around 12pm.Guling guling atas katil sampai 2pm.haha.Oh i love Sunday.Hari bermalasan. *Yeah.Saya memang pemalas.You've got a problem with that?NO?So,stop blabbering* When im taking my bath,my mum came and knock at my toilet door.I jerit la 'YAAAAAAA.MAU APAKAHHH???' haha...Then my mum asked me 'Cikna nak pi ISETAN dak?' I have nothing to say NO to window shopping.hehe so i say 'HAA.Nak.'

So,went to Suria KLCC.When entering the car park,it was already jammed with cars.but we are so damn lucky because the our route is silky smooth.haha.Managed to get a parking and then went to Suria's foodcourt to eat.I have no idea why my mum wants to go to ISETAN.We just went in and then out.What's that?What's the purpose of going to ISETAN at the first place.Haish....But nevermind.Suria's packed with people.Ugh.Hate people packers place.Wow.this could be the new tounge twister..people packers place.people packers place.aha :P Then,my mum couldn't stand it anymore so we went out from Suria.I thought we could actually head straight back home, but no.We went to Merciato at Plaza Damas.This time,my mum is actually looking for something.A mirror for our bathroom.The old one broke down and it is not my fault ok.But the mirror was not there.So,we end up buying our dinner food since it was raining heavily outside. *tot that boleh g pasar malam kat TTDI.but hujan lebat so end up buying food kat plaza damas.haihs* 

And finally i think i could head home but no.this time,my dad wants to go to IKANO.HAAAA??3 shopping malls in one day????my previous record was 2 i guess.this time is was 3!argh.Penat.Capekkkk~~ but still,i have to follow.haha.So,at IKANO my mum bought the last.ugh.i want to go home...i want to go home~ 

Then, last.i went back home.And mandi,and then...typing this blog.instantly! ;) Yeah.baru teringat ada ice cream dalam peti ais.Baru beli just now.Yum yum.~ ;)

Jaa Ney~

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