Monday, April 6, 2009

Pillow Fight - RA

It was Saturday.The day for the pillow fight!Yeah.Can't wait to fight.haha.LOL.I went to syuhada's booth at Subang Parade first,bought a bracelet and then at around 3pm we all went to The Curve,where the gathering point is.We were heading to level 2 at the curve,near the japenese rm5 shop.

Once there,we were given a sticker,which determine our own group color.There were two colors,white and blue.I got the white ones.Same with Syu and Iera.Once the bell rings (ceh ceh.tak de bell pun sbenarnya) we marched to Cineleisure.haha.The ring where we were supposed to have our pillow fight.hehe :) best best.

Then,there was Zain.the headmaster of all.wearing some fragile wrapping hat and holding a fragile wrapping stick.haha.He acted like he was the boss of,the white team needed to get close to Zain (be at the middle) and blue team will be at our left and right.meaning that the white team has been attacked by both side.Oh so unfair unfair.haha.But White Team Rules!! :P 

The,the first round started!The white Team has to fight with the blue team and vice versa.During the fight,i was kinda nervous because this is so random.we do not know these people and we do not know their strength.haha.and i was being banged my this one caucasian man which is so damn big and i went out blank for a i was being hited by something hard.Then,the second war comes along.This time,we were able to hit with everybody (i guess so sebab tak berapa dengar sangat the we ended up blur kat tepi2.haha :P ) 

After the war ended,we went for photoshoot outside cineleisure.There were like more then 10 photographers out there and i feel like a :P Then,some of us helped to sweep the floor because there are some cottons leftovers down there.While the people were busying sweeping the floor,we ended up answering questions from this one reporter.haha.Very famous ooo~ :) Ngee~ haha..

So,i ended up having fever and not to forget a new lily hair clip.Yummy.Can't wait for RA's next activities. :) Oh ya.for more info on this activity visit here -> RA Pillow Fight

Zain HD, the headmaster. :)

The leftovers

After the fight.Ugh.

Before the fight.haha.With Shaziera.

Before the fight.With Syuhada.

The makeover.haha. LOL 

The real scene .Taken from Christopher Tock's photos.


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