Friday, April 17, 2009

Yeah Rite~

You know i have wrote this one story about the world is not being fair enough for me.And yet it is still. :( Yeah,im always the bad luck ones.I hope I could get the good luck charm in the future,so that i could be alive again i guess.~

Yeah my FYP.I have to BS.Meaning that *Belum Selesai* or in english *not yet finish*. HAHA. I was given two choices.Either fail or BS.So wether i want it or not,I have to choose BS. *Qila,aku jumpe ko next sem.haha.jangan lupe cupcakes kite.Moh kerja moh!Carik duit lah* 

Oh yeah,I know someone has been stalking my blog right now.The pathetic girl who has two face. :) Hello girl.Sehat? HAHA.

Congrats to ALL my friends yang LULUS :) I hope my time comes next sem.Huh.another next sem for me then.

I know,im stupid.but graphic is just so NOT my thing.I have no passion in doing graphics anymore.Haih.World is unfair afterall.


  1. sorry to hear that dee..

    don`t blame yourself, even u are not stupid cuma nasib tak menyebelahi kau je..

    u still got time and u can do much better rite?..learn from the mistake, and do more research..i know u can do it..

    try your best in your next sem and semoga kamu berjaya..insyaAllah..
    Take care dee..luv u =)

  2. its okay babe. the time will come eventually. ;) contohnya like me.. quite lame jugak I waited for the time comes.


  3. Thanks guys.actually i pun pelik kenape i tak berapa down sangat.hurm.maybe it is expected kot. LOL :)

    Well,yeah.have to do again the flash thingy.add button back only~
    bt of course i wont just do that.i'll add something else too kot.hehe

  4. dun worry babe. you're going to pass next time. think positive!


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