Thursday, May 14, 2009

Adam Lambert

Well well if you have seen,watched or heard about American Idol this season you might know who the heck is that guy that im going to talk about.That is the guy who can hit the highest note and still his face is just..slumber~ HAHA.Well,that is Adam Lambert.I think he's talented,in singing of course.If he did win American Idol and make an album with his own name,I might *notice here I typed that I might* buy his album. ;) Not because he's cute *is he?* or have this emo type *he wears black all the time.i want to see him wearing white for once* face looking,I like him because he's very talented!He is.I bet he's going to win this year American Idol but I am no God to predict the future.To all Americans,please do vote for him.Tee hee~ :)

P/S:I heard he's Gay. *is he?* ;)

*Adam Lambert*


  1. looks like think?all gay men are good looking.kot.muahaha~

  2. actually i think he mens are all good looking.i have no idea why tho.

  3. Adam LEMBIK is totally gay, so go for KRIS ALLEN! hehehe

  4. hehe.i dont care if he's gay.hehe.he can really sing high notes.hehe


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