Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angels and demons.

Watched Angels and Demons yesterday.It was a great movie except for the storyline is not that strong enough i guess.because i could actually predict the ending myself.eventhough they try to twists all of the things and clues and everything,but still i could know what will happened next and so forth.hehe.well,not a deja vu but i guess but maybe i have the feelings of knowing how it would end,who is the bad guys and who is the good ones.hehe.

Unlike The Da Vincci Code,this Angels and Demons clues are pretty straight forward enough.not that challenging eventhough i tought they try to make it as twists as possible.but still,i only can give 7 out of 10 stars.

I love Ewan McGragor apart from Johnny Depp.I think he's cute even when he's old.LOL.He plays the role Carmerlengo,the so called secretary for Pope.He's always such a good actor.He's face is just the same,even when he's mad or smiling.I like him since Moulin Rouge.He could sing.Oh damn sexy British accent.hehe. :) 

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