Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I don't have anything to say today.Just that boyfie came to my house and send me some cupcakes. ;) Thanks sayang.You know exactly when to buy me cupcakes.But those wondermilk cuppies are quite expensive lah sayang. Then,we went to Kluang Station at Sunway SPK.Had our lunch there and then bought my mum Big Apple doughnuts.Yum yum~ :D

My boyfie yang slalu kena buli..amik gambar sendri.hehe. :P

Tomorrow is my second big day but I dont give a fuck about it at all.Lets just say that i gave up a long time ago.I dont give a damn about the results and all.I gave up.Haih.

Oh ya,went to OU *again* with Zatie this time.hehe.Had some chit chat and everything.Told her about my boyfie.hehe.Then,we had our dinner at Johnny's ;) Oh ya,I met with my FB friend,Aidil Harith but I did not approach him.Afraid of approaching the wrong person.Sorry Aidil :(

Im actually holding a scoop tapi kena halang with those mangkuk tingkat.hehe.

Ms. Zatie with the mangkuk tingkat. ;)

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