Monday, May 18, 2009


I am overly obsessed about cars.Not just knowing the cars by the brand that they are carrying,i think i am really obsessed with the parts of the cars.for me to learn that needs quite a lot of time since i have no clue what so ever about cars before.

I just couldn't stop when i started to search about cars.maybe just a little picture search about Lancer for example.And then it will turn to some websites that explains about horsepower.What is horsepower and bla bla bla..and then the HowStuffWorks web.Ugh!When im here,i'll search nothing but CARS!Auto,to be more precise. ;) From How Enzo Ferrari works to Pullbar works,Rotary engines works and so on.I love it.Maybe i just couldn't remember them all but at some point,maybe i could. ;)

I dont want to stop reading and knowing about cars.I love cars and so be it.hehe.


  1. pesal dari dulu ko tak blaja pasal automotive eh?

    eh aku rasa kita fh cam pnah cakap pasla menda ni.wei bila nak tayang lagi super emperor ko weh?!

  2. Aku tak nak jawab soklan ko tu.haha. ;p

    Erm.super emp aku sedang beradu.haha.bile nak rentap ni?aku bukan reti main pun benda alah tu.syok dok pasang je.haha

  3. kena selongkar almari aku balek nak cari tamiya aku tuh.servis lebeh kurang baru bole lumba heheh~

  4. haha.servis aku punya tareti!!!

  5. ah!keta ko tu ko servis camne?camtu gak la ko servis super emperor ko tuh.cih.hihi.


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