Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Congratulation Dayan!At last,you've got what you wanted. ;) See,I told ya.Kau mesti dapat punya the job.hehe.Well,well,well.Congratz!Sayang kau!

So,we went to our fave restaurant,Noodle Station to celebrate!Ikin followed us as well. *Ikin is Dayan's little sister* So,we went to Giant at KD.We had so much fun together.Haha.Story telling bermula.LOL.Macam tak meetup like a year ago.So many things happen this 2-3 weeks itself.Especially to me. ;)  So,we started to talk and talk all the way to Giant from my house.hehe.It was a relief to have someone you care about and trust,hearing mostly all of your problems.Yes,I do have problems as well.Despite that I laugh a lot,I do have some.And sayang,you know what it is all about so don't worry im not hiding anything from you here. :)

Well,tengah2 makan tu,boleh pulak nampak this one old pakcik excersice kat this one machine name i-so.Ish.Tak lalu aku nak makan terus.Terketar-ketar semua satu badan dia yang 'sehat' itu.Dah tu buat excersice kat public pulak.Haih.Maybe the machine is to damn expensive kot that's why he couldn't afford it.Layan la pakcik~ :P

Then,on the way back home,nampak this one dog kena langgar.Eww~ Sangat menyedihkan.I can't watch.I don't want to watch.At first I thought there were people lying on the street.It causes cars to make emergency brakes and nearly caught in a traffic jam.Just because of a dog died in the middle of the road.Thanks to all yang tak melanggar the dog.I do appreciate it a lot.May God bless your life,each and everyone of you.

Loadsa love.


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