Thursday, May 7, 2009


Why do I always calm when problems arrived?Why do I just can laugh at those problems,and at the same time,my brain is thinking about how to get away from the problem?Do I have no feelings?How can i don't have that feeling of sadness inside me?Hurm hurm.I can always laugh when problem arise.

But actually,deep inside im keeping those problems away from my mind.And laughing is one of the zillion methods to do that.When I laugh,it tends to hide all of my insecurity feelings.But it is not that I just made myself laugh.I do laugh when there is something to laugh about.Maybe making fun of myself and then laugh at myself.Call me crazy?haha.I am actually. ;)

Oh yes,sayang u wanna see me during my chubby time kan?Here is one of the picture. ;) 

This picture was taken just last year around November at PWTC.

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