Friday, May 8, 2009


Lately it is kinda hot here in my house.But actually,im fine with it but when it comes to night,i just can't stand it.Night time suppose to be cool and dark but nowadays it is hot as well.And that is why i just hate it when it is hot at night.And i've been blabbering about it since pass week.Argh.

I have another kittens at the back.3 of em.This time,they are all cute!And not afraid of people.hehe.They always play together including their brothers.This is one of them.hehe.Cute rite?

Oh yes,I slept just now.nearly 5 hours!From 2pm till 6.30pm.haha.So,anyone wants to 'disco-disco dance dance' tonight at my house?HAHA. LOL :P

Cute nya dia ni! XD

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  1. nak arnab tak..?heheh fiez ade sekor arnab tapi bz tak sempat nam bela dah besar sikit arnab jantan nak tak.. free heheheh..kalau ade sape 2 nak khabarkan le


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