Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I always treat my home as not me being at home.
I don't think that my family is a family afterall.
We don't talk,we don't eat together,
We don't even changes info with each other.
I did not talk to my dad,
And now maybe my mum as well.
They think I am the devil's child.
Am I?
See,I told you.
I am bad afterall.

I can live on my own.
I don't have any regrets at all being me.
I am different,and yet special in every single way.
I was being brought up this way.
So,be it mum and dad.
You made me this.
Please don't blame me.
I don't have any guidance at all.
Where were you when I really need you?
No.I don't need you.
Because you always blame me for everything.
And I am sick of that.

I need to get out from here.
As soon as possible.
Please my love,
do save me.

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