Monday, May 4, 2009

I feel sick.

Ugh.I feel sick.Feeling kinda feverish.hurm.not another fever i guess.maybe my biological time is changing now.hehe.i have to migrate to London then.Oh how i miss my home back in Newcastle.eventho' im quite just a little girl back then,I still could remember a little bit of my house.I miss those pink and blue favourite jumper of all time!

I miss my school.Canning Street Primary class teacher,Ms Gunn (Now Mrs. Gunn) and I miss the gym class there.I used to perform some stupid thing,climbing up up and away of this one tall stairs and hold it with one hand and one feet.Tadaa!and all my friends would clapped for me for doing that stupid thing.But it was alright.Hey I was little,maybe around 4-5 years old.

I want to go to Newcastle again someday.I miss that place.Maybe for the last time ever.I heard that my place,which is Benwell has been burnt down.I hope so it was not.I still could remember my house.I always google it down using google earth.So that means the Benwell is still there. :) I miss that place so much.

Yes.That jumper.I have the same one in pink. ;)

I wish I could bring this bear along with me to Malaysia.but I couldn't :( Tak muat beg.
I have two of these. ;)

Back to Malaysia.This is my cute cousin (The one in yellow dress) ,Zafira but I call her Ano. ;) She's cute up untill now.
Dah besar dah dia skang.Graduan KLIUC. 


  1. I like u in the last pic! sgt la comelll.. mmg dr kecik pandai bergambar ek? haha

  2. aiyaa.. seyes kalo jumpa masa kecik2 dulu, i culik sbb u cumel sgt.. muahahaha. ;p

  3. Kak eh?pandai bergambar ke?i tot my cousin lagi pandai.dia tu kaki posing. :P

    teri.haha.culik ke?jangan lah.nanti parents i sedih.i dah la anak tunggal. :D

  4. hahah muka amoi habis le D ni...hahah posing ke lagi? business okeh...bebila jom lepak cuppacakes uptown nak..moh moh ;)

  5. Haha Fiez,memang 100% amoi lah.tak dinafikan.haha. :D eh,boleh je fiez D memang slalu jugak kat situ.moh~


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