Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I have some preety amazing mode of sounds.Here are some hint for you when you see those modes at my Facebook,Myspace,MSN and YM.

  • Boyband mode - Missing my old school days and school friends
  • Beyonce mode - Missing my boyfie
  • Liv Kristine mode - Trying to be happy/calm while im 'not that' happy
  • Mika mode - Happy full throttle
  • Evanescence mode - Emo time
  • Random playlist mode - Neutral 
  • Nox Arcana mode - Finding some supernatural thingy on the web or at home
  • Indo songs mode - Love is in the air/missing some old friends
  • Narsillion mode - Do not disturb unless I nudge you first
  • My Chemical Romance mode - Failed to express feeling to others/Have problems that no one knows.
  • Techno mode - Dancing time/Steer out the stress


  1. techo songs.Dance~dance~dance~

  2. haha.mas,techno songs takde makna tanpa kau~~ :D

  3. aku kirim salam.nanti kasi jumpa sama mirza jugak ye.



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