Thursday, May 7, 2009


My inner twin is coming back again.When I tend to silence and look outside,that means it is the time for her to come.Because I can't help myself to control her appeareance.When im alone,she could come easily.Yes.When she arrived,it is either revenge time or suckup time.I choose revenge.
Welcome back,twin.Kinda miss you.

Oh yes,to whom it may concern,I know your plans and all.So,instead of you doing that let me tell you what,I will just stay still untill you rock your own boat first.No.Im not aiming at your new car or your bullshit job.Im aiming for your soul dude.Yes.You mess with my current life,I'll mess up your soul.Dont you think you are kinda old enough to do all those things?And i bet you know me but actually you don't.So,remind me how i did to you for the past years.

I love to made people suffer.Oh yes,my name is Amber.

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