Wednesday, May 27, 2009

U and W

I asked my boyfie about this stuff.hehe.bikin sakit kepala dia saje.sian dia.sorry la ye sayang,i memang suka tanye soalan bodoh2 ni. :( jangan marah saye~~

well,why do we need the letter W since we already have U in the alphabets.I try to look at it in HowStuffWorks but found nothing.hehe.sounds crazy right?yeah im a wacko,i know.Then,i tried to google for it and found nothing as well. *maybe sebab aku malas nak cari sampai page 12,13 kot.aku tengok page 1 saje.haha*

For instance,let’s spell Water with the word U, ‘Uater’.I tot it sounds the same.haha. ;p but then,when i try to spell Why using U, ‘Uhy’ it sounds ‘Uhi’.hahahaha.

Well,i don’t want to crack my brain right now.haha.this is totally out of my minds’ bound right now.

Imma freak~


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