Friday, May 15, 2009

A Walk to Remember

Last 2 days i watched back one of my fave romantic movie,A Walk to Remember.Starring Mandy Moore and Shane West.I personally love this movie.I wish my life is like that.LOL.but not the sick part of course.But i think that part is the one that gives impact to the audiences.

Personally,love could change people from bad to good and vice versa.But in this movie,the girl changes the guy (unintendedly) from a very bad and playful guy to a very decent and respectful guy.And how that guy respect his girlfriend made me almost want to cry.And how he try to let his girlfriend achieve anything that is on her lists,it was so nice of him doing that without even asking for anything in return.My fave one is the 'To be at 2 places at the same time'. :) 

Try to watch this movie,guys perhaps.maybe it wasn't going to be one of your watchable movie but please do watch it. :) 

"Love is like the wind.You cannot see it but you can always feel it"


  1. the impact of this movie buatkan tajuk of my blog....

    yes...everything u said its true...

    dee! bila nk ketemu bersama2 pacarmu ni?!

  2. hehe.yup.aku suka movie ni.sungguh memberikan impak yang sangat kuat. :)

    hehe.tunggu pacarku habis exam atau tunggu dia free.dia hari rabu khamis ni start exam sampai next2 week. :(


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