Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What's on the past,stays on the past.That is what we call memories.

What is on the past,stays on the past.That is what the scientists called 'Memories'.I have some myself.Everybody has their own memories.Either it is bad or good,it is still and will be in our crumbs of head.

I am not going to tell a bed time story about my past.You guys have heard enough of it.Some of it are the best ones and not to forget the heartache ones as well.But the most important is that,the force for me to stay on ground and be grateful of what I have now,in the present.Not the past.Why should we still remembers the past when we have a really great life right now and ahead of us,InsyaAllah.

But sometimes,when the past are being in the present life,it could somehow retrive it back all the 'past memories' that you have done.It is more worst when the memories are the bad ones.So damn feeling fcuked up right?When you are trying to forget about them,not trying,when you HAVE already forgotten about them and live your life in present,and then out of the sudden that past life is IN the present life,you'll feel sick and automatically our brain will rewind it back to the certain memories that you've had already forgotten about.

It is normal for people to behave in certain ways when their past enters the present life.And I hope,I acted well tho. :) 

i don't hate my past,it is just that,it could actually made me a better person.By knowing that people has different hearts and styles.It could actually make me being ME.I have found myself through the past.Thank you,Past.


  1. shit la.reminds me of something dohhhhhhhhhh!

  2. aku pnah cakap ayat 'what's in the past,stays in the past. you are my past, and i dont live in my past' kat someone.wtf macam sound dramatic aje.lol.

  3. ohohoho~~
    dont live in the past...dont live in the past... (chanting~~)



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