Saturday, June 6, 2009

50kg! o_0

I weighted my self just now and up to my surprise, i'm now officially downgraded my weight by weighing 53kg in the past one month, to 50kg now.Oh i’ve lost 3 kg’s without doing nothing!Hehe.

Well sayang,you are right.I do lost my weight and it’s quite a lot, 3kg.Armand said i suppose to lost for 2kg’s only and now i myself added up another weight downgrade to become 3kg.hehe.

Maybe because i don’t eat that much.Tense,because someone stupid keeps bothering me.After this,it will be no more him.

Love you,sayang.


  1. hihi~ balek sini siaplah die, kene makan bebanyak..

  2. Erk.tak nak jugak.mau makan sikit2 tapi kerap2?boleh? XD


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