Friday, June 26, 2009

Bad bad,people!

People are created to have two faces.Each and everyone one of us.There’s no denying about it.Despite we do hate two faced people,but actually we are two faced people.Not exactly two faces meaning that we have two face on one head.It brings the meaning of we do have that imperfect time and we need to let it out from our own-self-created face and that is when two faced comes aside. :)

So,in order to neutralize these kind of people,Planning comes.Planning is one of the most important part in life.Yes we plan but then sometimes what we plan does not go out smoothly.And that is when Plan B comes out!Yippie!You can have as many plans as you want to.How to make plan B,C,D etc..?As for me,i think of the consequences.What will happened if i do this and that and that thing and this and that and so forth.

I don’t plan my days.I plan my LIFE.It sounds ridiculous right?But yes.I did.I don’t know why and how but I actually did.haha.I'm not some psychic girl who knows everything in the future.It is just that,day planning is not that bizarre anymore to me.It is not challenging enough. :)

Oh i love how my tiny brain works! <3 Toodles~

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