Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Celebrating Dayana’s post birthday ‘party’.

Me and Zati went to OU at around 4pm today.Just to find the purfect birthday cake for dayan.and chit chatting along the way.talked a lot.i mean real a lot!While we were searching for the cake,we went to coffee bean.there,we talked again.haha.we just can’t stop talking kan?i know,Kedah-ians.we love to talk.nothing can change that for sure.haha.

After we bought the cake,we waited for dayana and syahrul to arrive at OU.they arrived at around 8pm and then we went to BBQ Chicken to eat dinner.

Just a little ceremony,cake cutting and eating and of course,talking.Oh yeah,i 3G-ed Irfan.just to show him the cake and the birthday cake.But he was busy eating dinner so,it was a very short 3G call. XD

here are the pictures.

P6232330 P6232329P6232349 P6232337 P6232338

*Happy Birthday dear Dayana! [belated]*

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