Friday, June 26, 2009


For me,in relationship.No matter what it is kind of,romance or just friends, we have to at least show some effort in it.You know?In order to maintain the relationship.Show some effort.If you think that’ll make you die or maybe get scolded,just do so.Show some effort.Show that you love your friends.I love mine.That’s why I don’t think that me getting scolded or me dying in the middle of doing something for my friends are the barrier.I love sacrifices for others and hope so that others could do the same for me.Haha.Too much to ask is it?I don’t think so.

Do some research on things that your friends like.And then,if possible,do surprises.HAHA.We love surprises.Girls or boys doesn't matter.

So my dearie friends,wait for my surprises then! <3

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